8 At Home Remedies for Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

I am on day 6 of Hand Foot and Mouth disease that I got from my youngest. I actually feel human today, my feet and hands aren't in pain. My throat is not as inflamed and I don't feel like death. So in my disease process, I have found some things that can help you along with this illness as well as your children. Since that is how it started in my household.

First off I would like to mention that I was not particularly worried about getting the illness myself because I was told by multiple people that it was uncommon in adults. Although they are correct it is uncommon it is not unheard of, so continue to be vigilant with washing your hands, and thinking about the spread of it through your family. Some people will tell you that for adults it is milder, which can be true you can have it as an adult and not show any symptoms at all. However, I got it much worse than my girls did and I lost a lot of time at work because of it. Moral of the story WASH YOUR HANDS! 

Without further ado here is what we did to help us through this illness...


  • This will help you or your little one with the pain, at the beginning of the illness (before you get blisters or spots) you will have a fever. So you will be popping these like candy through your whole illness, my daughter didn't need it as much as I did, but she especially needed it at night to go to sleep. 

Epsom Salt Soaks

  • I did not do this with my daughter, because like I said she didn't have it as bad as I did. But there is nothing like an Epsom salt soak when you feel like your feet are on fire. I got the most and biggest blisters on my feet. When the Motrin couldn't take the edge off this could. 


  • The first symptom I got even before the fever was a sore throat, I actually did not get any sores in my mouth. I did, however, get them around my lips. Tea helps you with a sore throat, and it also helps increase your fluid intake which is always something to do when you have a virus of any sort. I always use lemon and honey tea when I am sick with anything. 

Warm Salt Water Rinse

  • This is also helpful for your sore throat and will help the sores in your mouth if you get the pleasure. You or your child can do this as often as possible or as needed. This helps for just a plain sore throat as well (just FYI). 


  • This is another great remedy for the sores in your mouth. Just be careful with it, it is designed for children 2+ years old. Or under the suggestion of a doctor, of course, you can use it as well. Just make sure to not overdo it. It can make you overly sensitive. 

Avoid Foods

  • Spicy, salty, or acidic foods are going to cause the sores in your mouth or your sore throat to get aggravated. They are already inflamed and angry, you don't want to add to that aggravation with foods that will irritate the tissue further. You will know if you forget this one, as well as your child, will let you know because it will burn. 

Cool It Down! 

  • Along with avoiding acidic, salty, and spicy food, there are some foods that will help you. Dairy is generally good as a cooling agent. Another reason to get ice cream?! I'm in ✋! Of course, my youngest cannot have dairy so she just could have non-dairy popsicles. But any cooling drink or food will help your throat and mouth/throat feel a little less painful. 
  • Another thing that I found really helped me was ice packs. Especially on the bigger blisters of my feet and hands, the ice packs helped with the pain and gave me some relief in the early days of getting them. You are left with this tingling sensation but its better than pain. 


  • This might be the #1 remedy for all sicknesses. This is especially true for this illness because you are really unable to take any pills for it. It may seem particularly annoying for moms that have busy lives and are busy trying to take care of yourself, but that is what you have to do. Drop the kids and grandmas, or let your husband take them. Call off work and turn off the cell phone. I felt the best after I was able to rest unabated. 

These things were life savers for me in the 2+ weeks we have been dealing with this illness. Unfortunately, time is also a factor in this illness because it is a virus. All you can do is allow your body to fight it off and go through it. 

If you are struggling with this yourself you might feel like I did, it feels like you are backed into a corner and can't do anything about it. Our westernized culture wants a remedy, a pill to fix it now. 
Just allow yourself some time to relax and stop thinking of your to-do list.

Nothing can get done when you are sick, and the more you try to keep up with everything and not allow yourself to rest, the longer it will take for you to get over any illness. Of course, also read these handy tips that have helped us out, and a week will be over before you know it. 

If you or your child are suffering from this, I hope you get better soon! As always, until next time. 

Disclaimer- I am not intending on giving medical advice, although I am a nurse I am not diagnosing or treating anyone. I am merely sharing what I have found worked best for us. If you are in need of sound medical advice please seek the guidance of your primary care physician or other qualified medical professionals. 



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