Unicorn First Birthday Party

A's first birthday was yesterday. I had worked the night before and was very tired, and groggy. I am kind of unhappy with all the things I forgot and then wasn't able to start on time and was kind of running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

I try to remind myself that she really just cared about the presence of people who cared about her and didn't mind that I missed 2 pictures on her photo banner. Or that the table clothes weren't as long as I thought, or that the tables were in the wrong orientation.

Sometime's I think I can get caught up in the details that I see and that no one else notices. Of course, some people did notice that I had forgotten 2 pictures in the photo banner, which I was confused with until I had gotten home and realized that they were still in my printer's queue 😫. This doesn't really matter in the end, and my disappointment in myself really reflects my inability to accept my humanness. To err is human but not for me 😂.

Her theme was unicorns, the idea came from a friend of mine originally but then as I thought about the year we have had with her health problems and everything I realized she is unique. The beauty of her uniqueness is like a unicorn so I really enjoyed the idea then. I also thought that because it was trendy I could find a lot of stuff for it. Which I was right about. So let's get into the details of what I chose to do for her birthday.


I am a Pinterest mom, it runs in my veins like glitter in a unicorn. I really don't have much originality it pain's me to say. I am just really good at seeing a picture and being able to replicate that thing without much instruction. I guess it is a kind of creativity in itself. So I will link to all the things that I found from there, and if you have the time you can check out mine at Pinterest.com/mamaofthedrama 

On the menu was...

Unicorn Hot Chocolate by Favorite Family Recipes 
Rainbow Fruit and Veggies
Rainbow Pasta Salad
Cheesecake Bars
Pizza Bagels
Prancing Pink Lemonade
Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcakes with Unicorn toppers that I made on the Cricut from a beautiful SVG file you can find from Free Pretty Things for You

For A's cake, I would have to find a dairy and soy free recipe, which meant a boxed or bought cake was out of the question. Thankfully there are a lot of recipes for a healthy smash or first birthday cake that are healthy and allergen free. The one I chose was an Applesauce Cake by Five Heart Home, I tried it and it was delicious, but A was so tired by the time she was eating her cake she didn't really smash or eat it 😱. Like I said earlier she is as unique as a unicorn, so I guess I should expect the unexpected when it comes to her. 😆


For the decorations I couldn't really do much, the place that we rent out for a lot of the birthday parties we have had for C doesn't allow you to use tape or stick anything to the walls. So the only decorations I really had were the food tents, and picture frames I had for guest's to sign A's birthday book.  I also made a high chair tutu out of tulle that was tied around elastic, something similar that I had made for a previous birthday party. I tell you what though, that is the last time I use glitter tulle, it was all over the place!


I thought about having a rainbow hunt, which I thought about the night before while I was at work. I saw a bunch of printables that would've worked but I didn't have time on the day with sleeping to print them out. It ended up that a lot of the kids I anticipated coming, couldn't so it ended up not being a big deal. For the babies, I had bought a blowup baby pool and balloons. I had done something similar at C's second birthday so I knew it would be a hit and A had a blast. The baby pool also doubles as a present as it will definitely be used this summer.


For the favors, I bought these nice white bags and added cardstock ears, hair, and unicorn horns. It took a while to glue them all together but I was quite pleased with the results. They were also cut on the Cricut, it's my new favorite go-to crafting machine. I highly recommend it if you are a crazy frugal crafter like me. 


I also made A's outfit with the Cricut, I used the SVG file I linked to above and added an "ONE" in the middle of it and used gold iron-on heat transfer vinyl to make her onesie. I also got her unicorn horn and leggings from Amazon.

That's all I have for today. I hope you enjoyed looking at my darling daughter's first birthday. Until next time!


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