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I am well versed in giving Valentine's C has been giving them since she was an infant. I am not entirely sure why daycares think babies need Valentine's but we all love a treat now and then. I remember getting Valentine's with gummies in them when C was only 10 months old. Which being a first-time mom was shocking. How could anybody give their baby processed sugar?! I am a little bit more relaxed on the front but when it came to thinking about Valentine's this year I was thinking about what a child really loves about it.

As C get's older and is starting to become school aged she really enjoys that her classmates had thought of her. She feels like we all do as school-aged children, thought of, cared for, etc. I ended up using my NEW Cricut™ for her Valentine's which I took a video of, because I am still awestruck by the thing.

 So when I was trying to find a free printable (because I am cheap) for A's Valentine's to give in the baby room. I was kind of hit with, well what are we really giving these for? If they don't get a treat than they really just are for the parents. No Fun!

So I started to think about what you could give an infant as a treat. I am not fond of giving sugar at this age, as it is inappropriate and just not needed, and I know some moms are really against it (like I was). Then I started to think about A not being able to eat anything without milk or soy. Seeing as she has not been tested for her to have them yet (don't get me started). Well, so what is a mom to do? Maybe I could make teething biscuits! Without sugar, and only using wheat as the allergen! Those would be good for babies that are 6+ mos which are most of them in the baby room. YES! Perfect!

Well, so what do I do about the Valentine I can't come up with a cute saying for teething biscuits. So what if I use a cookie cutter and make them into fish. The word "fish" is so much easier of a thing to rhyme and use. So then I can just put them in cellophane bags I had from C's second birthday and put them on top like a tag.  Amazing!

Since mom's help mom's I am sharing, with all of you, my epiphany and the printable I came up with as well as a recipe. Which of course I just found, I am not crafty in the kitchen I follow recipes but I don't make them. So I used this recipe from The Kriegers without the cinnamon because our daycare has a no cinnamon policy. I used the baby food I had in the freezer. If you would like the recipe to make your own check out my other posts for homemade baby food. Apple Baby Food and Stage 1 Baby Foods

I doubled it, which in hindsight was a bad idea because I have a TON of them. "A" enjoys them though, so I think she might be able to eat them all. 😜

The printable I made for my own, has the ingredients on the back letting other parents know what is in the biscuits. The one I made for you guys doesn't have that in case you want to use a different teething biscuit recipe or maybe even a sugar cookie recipe for bigger kids?

My printer automatically made the printable 90% for the whole image and that was perfect for my 3.75in. X 6in. bags you can buy the same here  I also printed out one at 100% on the off chance that your printed did and it was fine, it was just a little bit bigger than the bags, not anything to cry home about. So without further ado, here is your link. Just download and print.

Aren't they #adorbs! 

That's all for today, until next time! 


  1. I'm so glad you (and A!) like the teething biscuits! what a great idea for a valentine's day treat!

    1. Thank you for letting me use your recipe! I really appreciate it! :)


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