Stage 1 Homemade Baby Foods

Yesterday I posted about starting my youngest daughter on solids. You can read that here Why my Baby is Starting Solids at 4 Months. Today I am going to share the first foods I made for her. I planned on starting her with vegetables first at the advice of my pediatrician.

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I stopped at my local Aldi's and I got green beans, carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, and bananas. I know bananas are a fruit but I was planning on giving it to her after the vegetables. The first ones I made were green beans, carrots, and banana.

I use a Baby Bullet. I decided on this rather than any other baby food making product because I felt it was something that you could use for a longer period of time. You can use the batch part of the blender to continue to make smoothies, cookies, or any other thing you might need a blender for. Since I am money conscious and don't like to have devices that are unitaskers, I decided on the Baby Bullet. I bought mine from Amazon here Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System

I also bought a steamer at my local Walmart to use in the microwave. For some reason, they didn't have a basket for you to make it in a pot. It also does fish, so bonus for me! They have the same one on Amazon as well if you would like to buy it Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwavable Fish and Veggie Steamer. So without further ado here are the first three I gave to my little miss.

She was not a huge fan of the Green beans. Her face says it all. 

Next came the Banana because it's the only thing that I could make without actually cooking it. I pride myself on giving her the green beans first though.

She was unsure of these at first, but then ate all of the maybe 2 tablespoons I put into a bowl for her to try. If you are concerned about your banana turning brown I found a post just for that! Baby’s Banana Puree Has Turned Brown – Is It Safe to Eat?

Finally, I made carrots. I don't know how my little one will enjoy these yet because I have not introduced them to her. I made the batch and put it in the freezer to try next. There is some controversy over making homemade baby food that is naturally high in nitrates (like carrots). The AAP states that you can feed your baby homemade baby foods high in nitrates after 3 months of age. You can read more about that here AAP Clinical Report on Infant Methemoglobinemia.

After making the baby food you need to store it. Baby food generally stays for 3 days in the refrigerator and 3 months in your freezer. To serve from frozen just thaw overnight in the fridge. I use the batch tray and storage cups that come with the Baby Bullet™ set.

If you would like to just purchase the containers you can do that too here Baby Bullet Storage Completer Kit. I used the small batch container to store the banana so I could use it up sooner. Although it did turn brown.

The green beans and carrots I put into the storage cups and freezer batch tray.

They come with an awesome tray to use in the fridge too, so you don't lose all the little storage containers.

***Note: The recipe for green beans and carrots are for after they are steamed. I didn't put that in because it's based on the method and steamer you use.***


"A" enjoyed her banana baby food! Of course, she then had to finger paint with it 😱

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