Day trip to RB Winter State Park

We went on a day trip today because I have had this whole week off. On account of "A"s doctor appointment. So on a Saturday that I usually spend sleeping part of, I get to enjoy.

When we got to the park I was amazed by the beauty that is literally minutes away from me. Then I checked my phone which seems almost second nature to me at this point and realized that I had NO signal. None! What am I going to do?!

I had planned on just laying on the beach with Aria under an umbrella because she can't wear sunscreen yet. As well as hates bathing so I am going to assume she would not want to go into the water. 

Soon after the shock of not being tied to the outside world, I came to a peaceful space. I have recently been having issues with social media and drama. Which I know I will have to work on, but to realize that I can't be notified of anything is so nice. 

I am present in time with my children. I can smell things more deeply and see more clearly. All because I don't have the constant dings of a modern social life, and a blog start up. 

I am not opposed to social media, I just don't think that I was aware of how distant I was becoming. I am glad I got this lesson today. Unplug, be present, find peace. 


  1. Ah I can so relate! Sometimes its just really nice to just sit back and truly relax without any kind of screen nearby! Gosh how dependent have we become on technology.

  2. That looks like a fun trip.

  3. This spot looks amazing and it sounds like you had a great time. I love finding these kind of places so close to home ��

  4. Ahhh yes! Sometimes it can be a shock almost to go somewhere with no service, but you'd be amazed how quickly you get used to it, and how much you're able to step back and connect with the world in front of you 😊 It's so good for the soul!
    My husbands family lives in the middle of nowhere in Louisiana and they have no service. Even their internet at their home cuts on and off. When we go to visit it always takes a moment to adjust but it ends up being so nice 😊 You can really focus of your family ❤️ I'm glad you had a nice day, you should make it a point to go out there every so often!


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