What's in my Pump Bag?

Going back to work for me was extremely emotional. I was very worried about my newborn daughter's health, with recently being diagnosed with GERD with esophagitis and persistent feeding issues read about that here. As well as not gaining weight right. I was a mess!

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A part of me just wanted to be able to plan as much as possible. An illusion of control on my part. So I started to obsess about getting a pump bag and accessories to try to feel better about my transition back to work, that I am still adjusting to 3 weeks into it.

I was very saddened to see that most of the pump bags I saw (that weren't just glorified tote bags) were hundreds of dollars. Homemade ones were more expensive, used ones were just as expensive, and even bags that came with pumps originally were pretty pricey. I really wanted to give my pump and accessories a home. I didn't want to just carry around the box, that is my pump around by itself.

Fortunately, I was really lucky to find on Amazon a great deal on a pump bag by Bananafish you can find that here. At around 40 dollars I was able to afford it and although it had not advertised my pump with it, I knew it would fit where they advertised the breast milk cooler.

So without further ado, this is what is in my bag!

Work-Related Items:

  • Pens, highlighters, pencil
  • Badge
  • Watch
  • Keys

Pumping Items:
  • Quick Clean Wipes
  • Sarah Wells™ Pumparoo wet/dry bag & staging mat
  • Hands-Free Pumping Bra
  • Breastmilk Cooler
  • Medela™ Pump In Style Advanced (insurance model)
  • Tubing
  • Phalanges
  • Bottles
  • Lasinosh™ Freezer Bags
  • Extra Membranes
  • Medela™ Freezer bag pump adapters
  • Latch™ bottle pump adapters
  • Pump Sign (download)
  • Nursing Pads

Mommy Items:
  • Lunch and Snack
  • Water
  • Books
  • Chapstick

As you can tell most of my bag has to do with pumping. You only forget things one time to realize on a sleep deprived and/or crazy mommy brain, you need extra of everything. I one time had to hand express the whole night because I forgot my tubing. Another night I forgot my bottles and had to use a rubber band to attach bags to my phalanges (which works).

That's what's in my pump bag. What's in yours? Do you even have a pump bag? If you don't how did you transport your pump to and from work? Have you ever forgotten parts?


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