What's in my Diaper Bag?

When looking at a diaper bag for my second daughter, I was on a search for something that was big enough to put both daughter's stuff in. As well as be a backpack so I could hold my older daughter's hand or chase her down if need be.

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My oldest daughter has a backpack of her own she takes to preschool and a different bag that she takes to my mom's so her stuff isn't always in this bag. I will include her things in my post anyways since they can and do sometimes live there.

I found a great diaper bag from a name brand but it was too expensive for me and my budget was not going to change anytime soon. So I found a great replacement on Amazon that had all the things, I wanted including price. You can find that here.

She also happens to have feeding issues, so in the freezer sections, I have my Supplemental Nursing System (SNS) bottle. I keep the tubing in a sandwich bag. A 5 oz. Medela bottle filled with breast milk or Alimentum to fill up the SNS or put in a bottle.

On the sides, I have my older daughters sippy cup filled with milk. On the other side I have my keys/wallet, and phone. Sometimes I put water there, but it is usually occupied by the latter.

The main compartment is composed of a couple different compartments so I will talk about them individually. A side mesh compartment that has hand sanitizer, an extra Muchkin Latch bottle with formula and rice cereal already in it. As well as a bottle full of water. To mix in an emergency.

In the pocket with the changing pad, I have paperwork. I have found that putting it there keep them straight and prevents crinkles. The paperwork usually consists of medical information for my youngest daughter, such as doctors medication regiments, and symptoms to document when caring for her.

There is a zipper compartment to the front of the main compartment, it has a key ring. I do not put my keys there because I would never get to them. I do however put binky wipes, Destitin, and my youngest daughters medicine there. I usually put the meds in a sandwich baggy just in case one of them happen to be improperly closed. I also put syringes in the same bag for convenient administration.

In the main compartment, I have 2 extra outfits for my youngest daughter, an extra pair of underwear and shirt for my oldest daughter, a handkerchief bib, an extra blanket, burp cloths, and a package of wipes.

In the two back compartments I have 6 diapers, just in case, we end up getting stuck somewhere. This happened when my husband got in a car crash with both my daughters. Thankfully everyone was okay, but that is when I learned it is a necessity to have extras and emergency pairs of everything. You never know when the unexpected might occur, and you don't want that to be the time you learn that lesson.

That's it for my diaper bag. If you are curious about what's in my pump bag, you can read that post here. What do you put in your diaper bag? How do you deal with having multiple kids stuff in one bag? What type of diaper bag do you prefer?


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