My Induction Story

At my 38-week OBGYN appt. I was asked the usual questions have you had to swell in your hands and feet? Nausea or vomiting? All of those things I was not experiencing but when the OB came in I asked her about some pertinent things that were happening.

 I was trying to work all the way up until having my daughter for financial reasons, but my work as a nurse was really affecting me. My place of employment has beds that are fairly close to the ground and when I did vital signs I had to bend down in an awkward way that would hit my sciatic nerve. One time I fell against the wall and caught myself before I actually hit the ground.

In relaying this story, in which I really just wanted something to do that would alleviate it and the pain I was experiencing from it. The OB asked me if I wanted to be induced. I wasn't explained much in detail about the process or the risks but I assumed she felt that me continuing to work was just as risky.

She handed me a sticky note that said 2/23/17 the next Thursday. She said I needed to call the number of the labor and delivery just to make sure. I asked about working and she told me that the last day I could work was Wednesday because I work nights. Although she suggested I take off as soon as I could. So I worked that weekend and took the Sunday as my last night.

So Thursday came I called the ward I was met with a very apologetic nurse that said they were really busy and they couldn't induce me. She told me to call back tomorrow. So I called the next day and I was met with a nurse that said to call back at 1 pm. Then I was told to call at 7 pm. Then I was told to call at 9 pm.

At this point, I was very upset because I had told everyone that was going to be with me the new times and my husband had taken off work. I also was not getting my short term disability I had set up to use while I took FMLA. So the next morning when I was told by the nurse that it might not be another week that I was not medically relevant I unloaded on her. Crying and just being an anxious, angry mess. From then on I spoke with the nurse practitioner instead of the charge nurse. I called all those same times as before and was told I couldn't come.

Then finally on Sunday, I was told to come in, I said what time should I call? The charge nurse (a different one) told me to come in at 12 pm and that she would call me if it didn't work out. Time went by and we went to the hospital, in the back of our minds wondering if they would turn us away at the door. Which my husband actually asked the nurse who was doing my admission. Which made me laugh.

They asked the OBGYN to come in and check me I was already dilated but I wasn't as effaced (thinning of the cervix). They started me on Pitocin which in my first birthing experience I thought was terrible. This time I took full advantage of telling myself constantly "You can do this! You can do this!"

Every couple hours they would take my vitals and increase the dosage of Pitocin. I was able to walk around and use the big round exercise ball which made my pain very manageable until I could get my epidural. The nurse also continually offered me fluids and I continually had to pee so that occupied my time as well. They then put a cervical balloon in to help me dilate. I had this the first time around as well. Once again it wasn't as bad.

They called the anesthesiologist on call to come in. At this time they wanted to run fluids into me so I was unable to walk around anymore, but I didn't feel too horrible focusing on my breathing and watching the Oscars. The anesthesiologist came in and was very friendly I explained to him that my first epidural didn't work on half my body because the nurses put me on my left side. So he had me lay pretty flat after putting in the catheter and such. It worked like a charm I was pretty well numb.

A little bit later I felt the need to push but they told me they would check me again in an hour because a mom with an epidural goes slower. I waited until I couldn't stand it anymore and called them. It was maybe twenty minutes from them checking me. Apparently, I was ready to go because the midwife said "Ohhh! We are going to have a baby soon!"

I pushed 4 times and "A" was born at 2222 on 2/26/17 she was 18.5 in long and 8lb 2oz. She was covered in vernix so I called her my little cheesy baby. They put her on my chest and wrapped a warm blanket around the both of us. She had poop on her but I so totally didn't care about the grossness. I had a tear and they sutured it up while I was still numb. I couldn't believe how much easier it went. I wasn't sure if it had to do with being my second or just knowing I could do it and having a positive mindset. Either way, I was elated.

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  1. glad you had s great second birth. I also had a great second birth I labored mostly at home. so I got a sweep 3 days before I had him I was having contractions on and off for those three days and finally on Dec 17 my contractions were getting stronger and more painful I went and dripped diapers off to my son who was in milton then we were headed back home well as soon as we got to mifflinburg I said we needed to go to the hospital. got there a little after 6. they checked me I was 6 cm. when the Dr got there I was 8 cm and he finished breaking my water and no sooner he did that I had to push. I had him at 810 and he was 9lbs 2 oz and 20 inches long.

    1. Aww! That's such a great story! I wonder if it's easier because your body is kind of like "hey! I know what I'm doing here!" Haha


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