How I do Grocery Day

Our grocery day varies drastically, sometimes we go together on the weekends which usually ends up being on a Sunday because working night shift means Saturdays are for switching to normal time. Or if it doesn't happen then, I will use one of my days off and go without the hubby.

I start out the day with coffee and my Laptop. I open up Pinterest to add new recipes into the mix.
I then open Google Drive and have my 2 spreadsheets I use, one is a meal plan, and the other is the grocery list. I will print out and take the grocery list to the store.

On Pinterest, I have one board that is for recipes that I can peruse through and see what things I would like to try. I then have a secret board (because they are duplicate pins) that I use specifically for the recipes I will try. These recipes I am going to print out and they coincide with my meal plan and grocery list. After printing them out I put them on our fridge to be ready to use for when we need them.

The meal plan is for 2 weeks and we don't follow it so meticulously that we do the exact recipe on the day that it's listed under. It's just a fast way to see what recipes we have groceries for.

The grocery list I separate by the recipe, this is why I don't use the Google Drive App at the store. I do it by the recipe because my preferred grocery store is Aldi's. Aldi's, unfortunately, doesn't always have all the ingredients required for my recipes so, in doing it this way I know what recipes I have all the ingredients for.

Then I go to the store and get my groceries! It is a long process but it is something I enjoy doing. It helps me stay in budget and cuts down on the impulse buys, that could and do happen at the grocery store. With children in tow, it also makes things a little bit more organized.

How do you do grocery day? What are your organizing tips? How do you mix it up with new recipes?


  1. That's great you've been able to do a lot of your grocery shopping prep on the computer. I do some of both - paper and computer. I go through the circulars to look for sales, then make a list based on the sales and what meat and vegetables we didn't use the week before.

  2. I am awed! I just tell Jack, "We're out of (whatever)." Then, if he doesn't get it while he's out, I have to go!

  3. I love the idea of making your list by recipe. That's a great tip. There are 7 of us so I am always looking for more efficient ways to do things. I will definitely be trying your spreadsheet method - I absolutely love spreadsheets so this could work for me! :)


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