Graco Pack n' Play Review

This Pack 'n' Play is a life saver! The cuddle cove was a favorite of my daughters, the "soothing vibrations" did the trick. The cleanliness of it is excellent with the material used in all parts of the Pack 'n' Play. It also is stylish and no one would worry about having it in their living room, bedroom or nursery. The storage is easily accessible.

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The cuddle cove I used with my daughter for the first month. She loved the soothing vibrations! I couldn't believe how she would just fall asleep. She is unfortunately too big for it now, she outgrew it lengthwise before weight. It was a sad day, I had to scramble to find a portable vibrating system to put under the crib mattress. I found Munchkin has a product just for that, that was on sale thankfully.

The cleanliness of it is amazing. The changer is made of a material that is really easy to wipe off as well as the surrounding fabric. They also have waterproof pads that you can put on the changer and bassinet to be able to put in the washer. I have had to do this for "blowouts" the stains come out.

The colors are absolutely adorable, the blues are calming and best for baby to relax. The accents remind me of flowers but they are more like Parisian in nature. The bassinet sheets come in complementing colors as well.

The Pack 'n' Play I had my first daughter had the storage cubbies at the bottom. It was a pain having to bend over constantly to get something, especially with a baby in your arms! I just felt it was impractical. With this Pack 'n' Play the storage is right at the side of the Pack 'n' Play. My only problem with it is, that I feel they are not big enough for a standard wipes container. They do however fit a portable pack of wipes.

My husband concurs that this is an excellent purchase for all of the use we get out of it. He uses it on a daily basis as well. If you are looking into getting a Pack 'n' Play I certainly recommend it! You can buy it on Amazon here!

What do you use for a play yard? Do you use one at all? Do you always change your baby in their room? Comment in the section below!


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