4 Easy Ways to Increase Milk Supply

I would like to share with you the most effective ways I have found in increasing my milk supply. There are other longer lists out there, but these are the most effective things I have found for me personally.

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In my book, less is better when it comes to trying to remember things. Especially when you are a sleep-deprived new mommy. I have tried combinations of things and these seem to work the best.

1. Taking Fenugreek

I was originally told by my lactation consultant to take Fenugreek when I was having problems with my milk coming in. She told me to take it three times a day. Which I originally did, and I got a major boost to my milk supply. Now I just take one a day and it really helps with my supply. This is the kind I have.

2. Power pumping

I usually power pump 3 days in a row to get a good boost. I have found that if I just add it here and there I still get some benefit from it.

3. Drinking Water

The jury is still out on whether you can prove that increased water intake is effective at increasing milk supply. Considering breastmilk is mostly water, it seems to be logical that more water would be better for your supply. I personally get thirsty when breastfeeding, so I assume that there is a link.

4. Eating Lactogenic Foods

I have started to love lactogenic foods, mainly because I can eat a lot of them. My favorite is avocados, I love guacamole. A close second is a brown rice, because I am a carb lover at heart.

These are the things I have found to be most helpful with increasing my milk supply. Questions or comments? Let me know below!


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