DIY Spoon Hooks

So my husband was very annoyed at the amount of bags we have. In an effort to save space on our coat hooks I always put the diaper bag and my purse on the back of the kitchen chair. At times this proved to be a hassle because the weight would knock the chair backward.

Since having our second baby we now have a backpack my older daughter takes to pre-school, a diaper bag she takes to my moms, a breast pump bag for me to take to work, and a diaper bag for my youngest (we use that for everyone when we're out together). So the need for the hooks devoted to this arose.

Our coat hooks we bought from a craft fair are old forks and spoons nailed onto a board with their handles bent up. They are surprisingly sturdy and I love the country look of them which matches our mudroom. So without further ado, this is how I did my hooks.

DIY Spoon Hooks Materials:

  • 4 spoons from thrift store
  • Board I got mine from Walmart similar to this.
  • Wood screws #6 X 3/4 IN
  • Sawtooth Picture Hangers 
  • Hammer
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Metal Drill Bit 
  • Drill

1. Take out all of your aggression by pounding the hell out of the backs of the spoons. Don't worry if the handle gets scuffed we are going to bend it up backwards. I did mine on a grate at the top of our stairs but any metal surface will do. I tried it on concrete originally and it didn't work.

2. Wait until the spoons cool down if they are hot from being pounded. Then take your metal drill bit/drill and make holes in the center of the spoon. Let them cool again.

3. Bend them close to the middle of the handle (don't use the weakest point) with you needle nose pliers.

4. Arrange them on your board. I did them evenly spaced in a row. You can do however you would like though.

5. Take your wood screws and screw them into your drilled holes.

6. Attach your picture hangers to the back. We used longer nails then what came in the package to make it more sturdy.

7. Add anchors to your wall if you can't find a stud and hang them up!


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