DIY Entertainment Center and Toy Organization

When my first daughter was born she did not receive very many toys. A stuffed animal or two maybe a teether. So I had a toy basket that fit everything nicely. At this time she was still only cruising so massive destruction (what it's like 3 yrs later) had not occurred yet. It wasn't until her first Christmas that this method was not going to work.

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Exhibit A

As you can see this was not going to work for the long haul. I love these Cubes that ClosetMaid sells. You can buy yours from Amazon here. They are affordable and come in different finishes. I have had mine for over 6 years now and they are holding up well even with a 4-year-old! So I bought a 6 cube and 8 cube organizer. 

Originally everything under the TV was DVD and books. They needed a home too, so I decided to go with baskets for the 6 cube organizer indicating our stuff. I got them at Target, like these. The theory is that she wouldn't be able to pull the whole basket out. This theory proved true as she never bothered them. To finish them off I added decorative touches, that was out of reach for the little one. 

I then got an 8 cube organizer to lay on its side to make a side lying L shape. This was perfect for putting the TV, Playstation, and clock on. I got children's bins that had mesh parts you could put your hand into to pull out toys. They don't sell these anymore at Target but they still have cute ones. Unfortunately, she ultimately preferred to dump the bins out, and still does to this day. She is much better at cleaning up now. The open spaces I used for bigger toys and her growing book collection. 

All of this was actually very nice and helpful for about an hour. You know how it goes. But it wasn't all for not, she was able to see what she wanted and leave the other stuff alone. Unlike our old system, the whole thing had to be dumped out and searched for one particular book or toy. This way she only had to dump out one bin instead of everything.

How do you organize toys? Comment below!


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